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David Barsamian





Cynthia Peters


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Event will be held as planned despite the civil emergency hoax


Join David Barsamia, Cynthia Peters and other media experts as they consider media strategy for progressives...


Wednesday January 31, 2007 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
encuentro 5
33 Harrison Ave, Chinatown

With this event, Mass Global Action and Indymedia looks at the antiwar movement and the media. Specifically, it considers the two media options open to the progressive movement:

  • Extensive coverage in the alternative media
  • Marginal attention from the mainstream media.


Going beyond this dichotomy, however, we ask how activists can use both forms media to get bolster the antiwar movement and generate a pro-peace agenda. Our roundtable is composed of longtime organizers who are also media professionals so that we may consider how these media forms interact.


The program is formulated to draw on the expertise of the panel and both the experiences and perspectives of the audience.



Event Format


This program is organized to ensure that each invited speaker has a chance to provide their perspective while ensuring that a meaningful can take place between speakers and also with the audience. The program will conclude with an informal reception and light music.

  • Introduction & Framing the Issue (10 minutes) - Mass Global Action
  • Roundtable (10 - 20 minute presentations) - Two Speakers
  • Intra-panel Discussion (30 minutes) - Led by program facilitator
  • Open Discussion (45 minutes) - Led by program facilitator
  • Reception (90 minutes)



This event is co-sponsored with Boston IndyMedia



Tickets are available on a sliding scale: $10 - $5.  To purchase a ticket click on a button below or call 617-482-6300.




Progressive non-profits and cooperatives are welcome to table at this event for a nominal fee. Please call 617-482-6300.



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