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Felix Arroyo
Boston City Councilor


Kathy Casavant

former Secretary-Treasurer,  Mass AFL-CIO


Jackie Cefola

Nonprofit Center Program Coordinator

Third Sector New England


Noam Chomsky

Author & Linguist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Joseph Gerson

Program Director

American Friends Service Committee


David Himmelstein

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Co-founder,  Physicians for a National Health Program


Richard Krushnic

Boston Department of Affordable Housing

City of Boston


Dorotea Manuela


Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Coalition


Betsy Rueda Gynn

President, Community Church of Boston

Operations Director, The City School


Chuck Turner

Boston City Councilor


Ellen Wallace

Attorney at Law


Stephanie Woolhandler

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Co-founder,  Physicians for a National Health Program


Connect with e5!


encuentro 5 is one of many progressive venues for the Boston-area social justice and social change community. It offers an event space, offices, and a number of shared resources.


Other important venues include the Community Church of Boston, the Democracy Center, Lucy Parsons Center, the Non Profit Center Boston, and Spontaneous Celebrations. Many student and campus organizations often have access to venues on their respective campuses.


If you would like to reserve a space for a meeting and/or event please fill out the form to the right.


If your organization is interested in joining encuentro5's group of resident organizations, please see the resident organizations' questionnaire.


Some considerations:

Who can use the space
  • e5 welcomes organizations and individuals from a wide range of progressive viewpoints that reject militarism and neoliberalism
  • e5 welcomes organizations and individuals challenging domination and exploitation
  • e5 does not welcome individuals and organizations that practice violence in any form
Event & Meeting Space
  • The main event space is about 2,000 square feet and we provide seating for up to 50 people
  • Our space is still in development and is not yet wheelchair accessible
  • There are several tables for smaller meetings, including a conference-style table (for small meetings up to 12 people)
  • We expect organizations to clean up the areas that they use and also to ensure that the bathrooms are returned to e5 in the same condition that it was offered
  • Addition rental charges apply for use of certain equipment
Publicity & Endorsements
  • We encourage organizations to provide flyers and notices of their event so that these may be advertised on the e5 website (at the discretion of the e5 organizers)
  • Holding an event at e5 does not imply that either e5, its resident organizations or Massachusetts Global Action endorses (and/or supports) the event or the organization(s) sponsoring that event

To Schedule a Meeting or Reserve the Event Space

Enter your name


Enter your organization's name


Enter your telephone number



Enter your e-mail address


Date requested


Time(s) reqested (state whether this is an all-day event; also build in your setup and cleanup times)


Number of people expected



We need to use the following

(Hold down "Control" key to click and choose multiple selections


Type of event


Using a $30 minimum or $1/person/3hr block of time in attendance (whichever is higher) as a guide for a non-fundraising event, how much do you propose to pay to cover rental and maintenance of e5?



NOTE: Rental for fundraisers costs $90 or 15% of receipts (whichever is greater)


Describe your event (optional)